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Pros and cons of working in a corporation.

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“It’s time to find a job! Problem is - where and what kind of job…?”- I bet every young person is asking themselves that as soon as they are done with their studies. Another question is whether one wants to work for big international company. Let’s have a look at pros and cons of working there. 

How easy that is and what can I get there?

Is it easy to find a job in corporation? Personally, I would say yes. Many of those companies are hiring young specialists, just after graduation. As long as you know some foreign language well and have some idea about what company is doing, you might have a chance to get in. Most of big corporations don’t expect you to have much experience. Actually, they are giving you a chance to get one by providing you with different kind of trainings, and to make sure you are doing your job well despite your studies background. Benefits are also important for young people  - starting with insurance, private health care, or Multisport cards, through cell phones, laptops, or cars. In those companies you  have certain feeling of safety because most of them are giving you good contract and fair salary. Also bankruptcy is less possible there than in small companies. Sometimes also workplace itself is a big plus. Furthermore, most corporations in USA are providing their employees with free snacks, lunch vouchers, or play area at the office where you can relax, using PlayStation during lunch break, for example.

What can be wrong with so many pros? 

Depending on one’s personality - work in corporation is not for everyone. It is said that job there is repetitive and kills creativity. Every day you are expected to do the same things which can be boring for highly independent souls. As long as there is a lot of employees it is also hard to get through - even when there is new project going on, your idea has to be really innovative to be noticed. A lot of people say that there is nothing such as working hours in corporations - once there is a lot of backlog you need to stay and do over hours. Of course they will pay for that, but on the other hand you don’t have freedom of using your time as you please. Another thing commonly known is rat race - people concentrate on themselves and some of them are eager to aim for their gain at any cost and never help others. 

There are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to big international companies. The best solution to decide whether we will like it or not is just to give it a try. Some people like it and some don’t. Some people stay a few months and some stay almost their whole life. It’s always up to you - do whatever makes you happy. 


Autor: Barbara Muskała


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